Selected Quotes from the Journal of Discourses

The laws given by the Almighty to the children of men, by which we can preserve our spirits and our bodies to all eternity, are what the world call “Mormonism.” Those laws are what this people believe and are in possession of. And are we obliged to faulter here and faulter there? If I am presented with unwholesome food, or with poison that would destroy my life, am I obliged to eat it? No, though I may be obliged to have it presented to me. If a man hands you a dose of arsenic, saying that you need it and that it will do you good, are you obliged to swallow it? Or if those who prefer sin, and roll it under their tongues as a sweet morsel, present to you principles that tend to the death, are you obliged to receive them—to join in and commit sin? Some who…

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